About the park

Lake Achilles Leisure Park and Resort-Village is situated in North-West Hungary, in the middle of the Kisalföld [the Small Plain], five kilometers from the city of Győr, on the banks of the picturesque Holt-Marcal river, in the neighborhood of a landscape protection area.

Since 1994, the 22-acre land has been gradually developed by the family owned Achilles Engineering, Trade and Tourism Ltd.

The four-acre lake, is located in the 22-acre area of the park, surrounded by untouched forests and reeds.

The lake is a popular beach where young people and families can go to meet and have a wonderful time on hot summer days in natural surroundings near the cool waterside. Our guests are welcome to use the facilities of kayak and boat rental service.

Our unique-spirit resort village of thatched, bungalows is situated in the middle of the park.

The lake is an excellent place for fishing holiday. Away from the beach lovers of fishing can find small peninsulas and bays bordered by reed and sedge, where enormous carps, pikes and other kinds of fish can be caught. At our food-bar on the shore, our guests are served with cold draught beer, grilled meat , and Greek salad, among many other specialties.

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